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This guide is intended for developers who want to integrate the service with their checkout processes.

Target Audiences

The following documentation is available:


Target Audience

API Developer's Guide

API developers who want t use the API to integrate the seller's checkout process with the service.

API Reference Documentation

API developers who want to learn from an interactive example of the API.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All users who want to address some frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents

The following table summarizes the sections of this guide:






Get an overview of how the product works and integrates with your checkout process.

Deployment Guide

Deployment Overview

Read about how to get a user and access the sandbox and production environments.

Configuration Guide

Configuration Overview

Understand how to integrate the service with your checkout processes.

Reference Guide

Fields Reference Overview

Understand the underlying API specification.

User's Guide


Understand how to use the dashboard UI for things like reports.



Answers to common questions.

For a list of useful links related to access the environments, see Useful Links and Resources.

If you need further help, contact support at https://www.vertexinc.com/en-gb/support-services/taxamo-customer-support.

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