E2E Process Flow Example

Read an end-to-end (E2E) example of how the service integrates with your solution and business processes.

This example walks you through a customer making a purchase and how the API issues an invoice and other steps.

Transaction Lifecycle

The following graphic details the steps that are completed during the transaction lifecycle:

Transaction LifecycleTransaction Lifecycle

Transaction Lifecycle

The steps are mapped to the API requests that you use to integrate with Taxamo:


API Request

  1. Buyer goes to checkout


  1. Seller uses API request to calculate VAT and store the transaction (in Unconfirmed status).
  1. Seller charges customer's card for product and VAT.


  1. Seller uses API request call to confirm the transaction.

Confirm Transaction

  1. Taxamo charges the seller's card for the VAT.


  1. Taxamo issues invoice to customer.


Month-End Integration

During your month-end activities, the following steps are completed. The order of these steps can vary:

  • Taxamo remits the VAT with the tax authority.
  • Taxamo charges your credit card £2 for each transaction that month.
  • You can use the VAT and Fee audit report for reconciliation. For more information, see Audit Report .

If you need further help, contact support at https://www.vertexinc.com/en-gb/support-services/taxamo-customer-support.

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