Transaction Lifecycle Model

Read about how Taxamo models transactions.

The transaction data model breaks down the sales (or transaction or basket) lifecycle into 4 steps. These steps are intended to represent different parts of your checkout processes. This helps you to understand how different parts of your processes can be integrated with this service.

The following table outlines the steps and a possible order. This is just an example and as such may vary for your implementation. The Request Document links to the documentation for the API request that you use to integrate that step with the service.

For more information about how to configure these requests, see Configuration Overview.



Request Document

  1. Tax/Line Item Liability Assignment (LILA) pre-calculation

For example when browsing the store or displaying the basket without all the necessary information to complete an order.

Calculate Tax

  1. Order storage

When the Buyer completes all the information and is about to pay, the transaction can be stored.

Store Transaction

  1. Order confirmation

When the funds have been received and invoice(s) need to be issued. This step will result in the sale appearing on reports and tax filings.

Confirm Transaction

  1. Refund

Optionally, when some or all of the funds are returned to the Buyer, the respective credit notes have to be issued and reports and tax filings need to include them.

Refund Transaction

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