Configuring Identifiers and Classifications

You can add the following information for identification and classification purposes:

  • A description
  • The HS or CN code
  • Your ecommerce/order IDs
  • A parcel reference text
  • The product's class
  • A carrier ID

You add these as fields in the JSON for the relevant request.

The following table summarizes the relevant fields:

descriptionThis is the description of the product being sold and will appear on the VAT invoice.
product_cn_codeThis is the HS CN code for the product and is used to determine the tax on the product. You need to classify your products to get the HS CN code. If supplied as empty, the standard tax rate will be supplied where appropriate.

For more information, see Configuring Product Codes.
product_classUsed to specify if goods are physical or services. For example, 'P' = 'Physical Goods' and 'S' = 'Services' (for example, for shipping or postage or insurance).

For more information, see Configuring Shipping and Other Charges.
custom_idIdentifier for the specific transaction line item.

For more information, see Adding your eCommerce/Order IDs to Transactions.
parcel_referenceIdentifier reference for the parcel (This field is optional).
carrier_idIdentifier for the postal carrier.

For a full list of the fields in this object, see Transaction Lines Object Fields.

For example:

"description": "Example sale to GB.",
		"transaction_lines": [
				"custom_id": "line_1",
				"amount": 150,
				"ship_from_address": {"country_code": "CN"},
				"product_class": "P",
				"description": "Goods #1",				
				"parcel_reference": "3897329872423",
				"carrier_id": "DHL",
        "product_cn_code": "8504 31 80 15",