Configuring Refunds

Read about how to integrate Taxamo's refund features with your checkout process.

You can issue a refund in any of the following circumstances:

  • Partial: Where only some of the lines in a transaction are refunded.
  • Full: Where all of the lines in a transaction are refunded.

Where Taxamo bears the liability, a credit note is issued to the Seller.

You can use the dashboard to refund transactions manually or you can integrate the refund feature using the API.

Issuing Refunds in the Dashboard

You can issue refunds directly from the dashboard. For more information, see Issuing Refunds in the Dashboard

Direct API Integration

To integrate refunds with your checkout process, use the Refund Transaction request. For more information, see Refund Transaction.

In this scenario, you want to refund all or part of a payment. This is represented in the following graphic:

Refunds Process FlowRefunds Process Flow

Refunds Process Flow

The following table summarizes the steps of this process flow:



  1. Buyer requests full or partial refund.


  1. Seller logs refund from Taxamo.

Refund Transaction

  1. Taxamo issues credit note to the Seller.


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