The Dashboard is an online user interface for you to operate and configure your account.

The dashboard includes the following features:

Customer Location Map

To view a map of your customers locations, click International VAT/GST on the side panel. The areas highlighted in green indicate locations that you have sold goods to (that is the location of buyers for your confirmed transactions). For example:


Dashboard Map

Transactions List Report

A report detailing all your transactions. For more information, see Transactions List.

Audit Report

You can run an audit report or view recently run reports. For more information, see Audit Report.

For example:


Audit Report Filters

Tax and Fee Report

You can use this report to get an overview of your taxes and fees for the specified month. For more information, see Tax and Fee Report.


You can adjust account and invoice settings by clicking Settings on the side panel.


Settings UI

The Settings menu includes the following:

Password Management

You can change your password.


You can enable multi-factor authentication.

API Access

You can view your API token. For more information, see API Authentication.


You can set a custom sender address, footer text and logo. The logo can be based on a file that you upload or you can use a URL for your own hosted logo. For more information, see Configuring Invoices.