Configuring Currencies

To specify the currency code in a request, you use the currency_code field.

For example:

"transaction": {
		"currency_code": "EUR",
		"buyer_name": "Scenario #1 buyer",
    "invoice_timestamp": "2020-05-20T01:59:59+04:00",
		"ship_to_address": {
			"street_name": "30 Monmouth Street",
			"city": "Bath",
			"postal_code": "BA1 2AP",
			"country_code": "GB"

For a full list of supported codes, see Supported Countries and Currencies.

Currency Conversion

The information about how the currency is converted is specified in the responses sent by the API. In this example, the currency was converted to Euro on July 15th 2021 and the rate was from the European Central Bank:

"additional_currencies": {
                    "consignment": {
                        "currency_code": "EUR",
                        "fx_date": "2021-07-15T11:49:32Z",
                        "fx_rate": 1,
                        "fx_source": "ECB"