Read definitions of common terms.

SellerAn entity that sells to the buyers.
BuyerAn entity that purchases from sellers.
TransactionTypically represents a single sale (for example during checkout). A transaction consists of one or more lines.
Transaction lineRepresents a particular item sold, for example shoes. The API will calculate tax and determine tax liability for each line.
Stored transactionA transaction that has been persisted in the Taxamo database. It can be stored in either "New" or "Confirmed" states. Transactions are stored to facilitate functions such as invoice generation/refunds.
Line Item Liability Assignment (LILA)A feature used to determine which party has the tax liability. It is assessed at a line item level. The values returned include Taxamo, buyer, or a code that represents the seller.
Payment Service Provider (PSP)A third party who settles payments.
IOSSImport One Stop Shop (IOSS) is a new special scheme for reporting distance sales of goods imported from outside the EU.
Taxamo Assure by Vertex serviceA service that you can use to process tax for physical goods to the EU that are valued up to €150.
EndpointA URL that represents an object in the API.
RequestA combination of a method such as POST , an endpoint (URL), headers and payload (JSON request and response bodies). For example, a POST method, the Calculate tax (/api/v3/seller/tax/calculate) endpoint, and the information specified in the request objects in the body.
JSON ObjectAn object in a request body that groups fields together. For example, the Transaction JSON object.