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An entity that sells to the buyers.


An entity that purchases from sellers.


Typically represents a single sale (for example during checkout). A transaction consists of one or more lines.

Transaction line

Represents a particular item sold, for example shoes. The API will calculate tax and determine tax liability for each line.

Stored transaction

A transaction that has been persisted in the Taxamo database. It can be stored in either "New" or "Confirmed" states. Transactions are stored to facilitate functions such as invoice generation/refunds.

Line Item Liability Assignment (LILA)

A feature used to determine which party has the tax liability. It is assessed at a line item level. The values returned include Taxamo, buyer, or a code that represents the seller.

Payment Service Provider (PSP)

A third party who settles payments.


Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) is a new special scheme for reporting distance sales of goods imported from outside the EU.

Taxamo Assure by Vertex service

A service that you can use to process tax for physical goods to the EU that are valued up to €150.


A URL that represents an object in the API.


A combination of a method such as POST , an endpoint (URL), headers and payload (JSON request and response bodies). For example, a POST method, the Calculate tax (/api/v3/seller/tax/calculate) endpoint, and the information specified in the request objects in the body.

JSON Object

An object in a request body that groups fields together. For example, the Transaction JSON object.

If you need further help, contact support at https://www.vertexinc.com/en-gb/support-services/taxamo-customer-support.

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