Configuring Addresses

You can enter addresses for the following entities:

Ship-toship_toThe ship_to field is required for requests sent using the Store Transaction.
Ship-fromship_fromIf you do not specify a value for the ship_from field, the addressed that you specified during sign-up is used.
BillingbillingThe billing address, if different from the ship-to address. This field is optional.

You can use the fields in the Address object to enter the address line-by-line. The following table summarizes some of the important fields in this object.

For a full list of fields, see Address Object Fields.

country_subdivision_codeThe address region or state code. Leave blank if not required.
cityThe address city.
postal_codeThe address post code.
country_codeThe address 2 letter ISO country code.
street_nameThe address street address lines concatenated with a comma (,).

Here is an example of how you might model an address in a request:

"ship_to_address": {
      "street_name": "Sunny Street 18",
      "address_detail": "City West",
      "city": "Lisbon",
      "postal_code": "PT1 2345",
      "country_code": "PT"

Alternatively, you can use the freeform_address field to add it as a free text string. For example:

"ship_to_address": {
      "freeform_address": "Sunny Street 18","City West","Lisbon","PT1 2345",
      "country_code": "PT"