What are the Integration steps?

For more information, see Setting up the Service.

What integration options are available?

You can integrate directly with the API. For more information, see Configuration Overview.

If you are a Magento user, you can use the Magento plugin. For more information, see Configuring the Magento Plug-In.

The Sandbox site won't accept my credit card?

The sandbox environment is made freely available for you to develop and test your integration with Taxamo Assure, prior to creating a production account.

To mimic the functionality of the production environment, please choose a test credit card number in the Billing section of your Settings. This step is necessary to activate your API token. The image below will appear when you go into the manage billing details section.


How do I create a Sandbox account?

For more information, see Registering and Accessing the Sandbox Environment.

How do I create a Production account?

When you have validated your integration in your sandbox account, you can create a production account. Note: your sandbox account and production account are completely separate. You will need to agree to the Terms of Service for production and also provide your credit card details. You will not have access to your production API token until credit card details are provided.

For more information, see Accessing the Production Environment.

How do I get the IOSS number from Taxamo?

Taxamo's IOSS number is returned from in the API response only for transactions that are eligible for IOSS. You must only use our IOSS number on transactions which have been confirmed in Taxamo as IOSS, in which we issue the invoice to the customer.

  • When storing a transaction, if the transaction is eligible for IOSS, "special_tax_scheme": "IOSS" will be in the response.
  • When confirming a transaction, if the transaction is eligible for IOSS, field "ioss_number" will be in the response. Please note, the ioss_number returned in the sandbox environment is a test number.

Which eCommerce platforms do you support?

If you are a Magento user, you can use the Magento plugin. For more information, see Configuring the Magento Plug-In.

A third party has developed a Taxamo Assure plugin for OpenCart. For more information, see here.

Can I send transactions to Taxamo prior to July 1st, 2021?

You can send test transactions to Taxamo to your Sandbox account using your sandbox API token. You will not be able to send transactions to us in the Production environment until July 1st, however you can test your connection to the production environment with your production API token to the relevant production endpoints .

How is the IOSS number provided to customs?

You will need to provide your carrier with the IOSS number for the orders where Taxamo has the VAT liability under IOSS. This number is passed electronically to customs by the carrier. Please contact your carrier for details on how to input the IOSS number for your parcels. The IOSS number does not appear on the label or invoice.

What transaction currencies does the system support?

For more information, see Supported Countries and Currencies.

Where do I get product HS codes?

For more information, see Configuring Product Codes.

How do I add a description and HS code for each item?

​​You can do this in the field "transaction_lines": "description": "free text" field and the description you add for each line is added to the invoice.
If you want to send the HS code as part of the description you could send, for example: "description": "Jewelry, hs: 7117.19.9000".

Can I use Taxamo Assure for subscriptions?

Yes, you can send each instance of a recurring transaction to our API. Each recurrence will be evaluated to make sure it is compliance to IOSS, and if so we will issue the invoice and return our IOSS number, just as with a stand-alone transaction.

Should I include the shipping cost in the transactions?

Yes, you need to include the shipping cost in the transaction passed to Taxamo, it is categorized as "others services". It is designated with an "S" in the product field.