Configuring the Adobe Commerce Plug-In

Read about how merchants who have eCommerce stores in Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) can use the Taxamo plug-in to integrate the service's features.

An Adobe Commerce extension for Taxamo Assure by Vertex is available here on the Adobe Commerce Marketplace.



The 2.4.4 version of Adobe Commerce is not currently supported by the plug-in. If you want to use this plug-in, you cannot install or upgrade to this version.



The documentation here outlines the configuration steps in Taxamo Assure by Vertex only. For a complete overview of the configuration steps in both systems, see the documentation in the by Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) Marketplace.

This plug-in is only for Adobe Commerce users and is not required for other types of deployments.


The plug-in is intended for Adobe Commerce store owners who are based outside the European Union (EU) and meet the following criteria:

  • You sell low value physical goods to consumers based in the EU.
  • You do not want to register for VAT using an intermediary for IOSS.
  • You want to want to transfer VAT remittance liability to Taxamo.
  • You want to use Taxamo’s IOSS number with your parcel carrier.

How It Works

Taxamo will be responsible for the VAT for the sales under IOSS and for filing the IOSS return each month.

You will need to send Taxamo's IOSS number to your parcel carrier for the relevant IOSS sales.

Supported Software

For information about supported software, see Taxamo Assure by Vertex Release Notes (Adobe Commerce).

Installation Process Flow

The flowing graphic visualizes the process flow for a typical installation:

Adobe Commerce Installation FlowAdobe Commerce Installation Flow

Adobe Commerce Installation Flow

Configuration Steps

To configure the plugin, complete the following steps:

  1. Set up your accounts in the Taxamo Sandbox and Production environments.
    First, you need to sign up for a user and configure the sandbox environment. After you complete the configuration there, you can move on to production, where you do the same.
    For more information about how to deploy the sandbox environment, see Registering and Accessing the Sandbox Environment.
    For more information about how to deploy the production environment, see Accessing the Production Environment.

  2. Retrieve your access token for each environment. For more information, see Retrieving the Access Token.

  3. Classify your products.
    Use the product classification tool to generate HS-CN codes. Note these down as you will need to enter these in your Adobe Commerce configuration later. You can do so in either environment and you only have to do so once. For more information, see Product Classification.

  4. Add the Taxamo Assure plug-in.
    The plugin itself is free. You can access it here.
    The pricing for the Taxamo Assure service is here.

  5. Install and configure the plug-in.
    For more information about how to this, see the the User Guide under Documentation here.

  6. Test the integration.
    After you have completed testing on your test store, ensure that all the relevant settings are applied to your production account. Verify that you can use the Production mode in the Adobe Commerce Admin UI with your production API token.
    For more information about testing the API, see Testing the API Integration.

  7. Send Taxamo's IOSS number to your parcel carrier for the relevant IOSS sales.



Do not share this information with anyone else other than your parcel carrier.

If you need further help, contact support at

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