Tax and Fee Report

Read about how to use the Tax and Fee report.

You can use this report to get an overview of your taxes and fees for the specified month.

Running the Report

To run the report:

  1. Log in to the dashboard.
  3. Select the month and click Schedule report.

The report is available as a CSV file after it compiles.


Tax and Fee Report



Microsoft Excel may hash out certain values like the Tax date or Invoice date columns. To correct this, expand the width of the effected columns.


The completed report is available for download as a CSV file under the Download column.

It contains the following columns:




The transaction key, a unique identifier for the transaction.

Custom ID

The custom ID specified by the user, if any.

External unique ID

A unique ID for the request.

Transaction type

The type of transaction, usually SALE or REFUND.

Tax country code

The country code representing the country that the applied tax rate originates in.

Tax region

The region of the applied tax rate. For transactions where Taxamo is liable, this is always EU.

Tax date

The date that the tax was calculated.

Invoice date

The date that the invoice was issued.

Refund date

The date that the refund was issued.

Invoice / credit note number

The number of the invoice or credit note.

Invoice / credit note URL

The URL where you can retrieve a HTML version of the invoice or credit note.

Transaction currency

The currency of the transaction as specified in the request that is sent to Taxamo.

Transaction amount

The pre-tax amount for the transaction.

Transaction tax amount

The amount of tax paid in the transaction.

Total transaction amount

The total amount including tax.

Tax settlement currency

The currency that the tax was paid in.

Tax amount exchange rate

The rate used for currency conversion, if any.

Tax amount in settlement currency

The amount of tax in the settlement currency, this may or may not differ from the transaction currency.

Fee currency

The currency that Taxamo's fee is charged in, Great British Pound (GBP).

Fee exchange rate

The exchange rate used to calculate the fee currency. 1 means that the exchange rate is 1 to 1. Currently there is no conversion as the fee is calculated in GBP so this field is always 1.

Fee amount

The amount charged for Taxamo's fee,

Fee amount in settlement currency

The fee amount in the settlement currency.

Tax paid

True or false indicator of whether tax was paid or not.

Tax paid date

The date the tax was paid on.

Fee paid

True or false indicator of whether the fee was paid or not.

Fee paid date

The date the fee was paid on.

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