Royal Mail Group

Do you support Click & Drop?

Yes, Click & Drop is supported. You first need to route your transaction through Taxamo's API, and if the transaction is eligible for IOSS, Taxamo's IOSS number will be in the response. Ensure that the Taxamo IOSS number is used in Click & Drop for the parcels where Taxamo has the VAT liability.

Do you have any guidance for IOSS with Royal Mail?

Setting trading names with new IOSS numbers so that you can import files:

Note, for integrated channels you do not need to do anything different, Click & Drop does the work for you.

How do I provide Royal Mail with my IOSS number?

Royal Mail has added a section on their website to tell users how to add the IOSS number. For more information, see here.

How is this integrated with Royal Mail?

Taxamo does not integrate directly with Royal Mail or other carriers as this is not necessary.

You can continue with your existing connections to Royal Mail, and whichever payment processor that you use, and simply integrate with Taxamo for your tax calculation and reporting.

In other words, you simply need to insert calls to the Taxamo service into your existing process at the check-out level. Taxamo will determine when we can take the liability (generally this is for parcels with a value under €150 within the EU).

If this logic is met, then you will supply Taxamo's IOSS number to the parcel carrier.