Shipping and Returns

Does Taxamo need to be mentioned on the label for the parcel?

No, Taxamo details will not appear on the parcel. The Taxamo IOSS number should be provided to your shipping solution electronically for those parcels where Taxamo is the deemed seller. This information should be communicated to them and not shared with other parties who are not involved in the delivery process.

Does the IOSS number go on the parcel or invoice?

No, the IOSS number does not go on the parcel or invoice. The IOSS number needs to be communicated electronically to your shipping solution provider. It needs to passed along with other information that goes to customs regarding the parcel.

How do I provide the IOSS number to my parcel carrier?

Please ensure that you provide the IOSS number to your parcel carrier for relevant sales.

For Royal Mail, please find the instructions here. Scroll to 'How do I provide Royal Mail with my IOSS number?'. There are different steps depending on the service you use.
For other carriers - please contact the carrier directly to understand how you provide them with the IOSS number for relevant sales.

We use a postal franking machine - can we use your service?

International postage is only available through franking meters for items of personal correspondence. These do not require the provision of customs data. IOSS is for the sale of goods which is not personal correspondence and so cannot be paid for through a franking meter as the necessary customs data and IOSS number cannot be provided.

What should I do in case of return of goods?

If these goods were related to orders that were provided to the Taxamo system and you have issued a refund to the buyer in relation to these goods, you will need to notify the Taxamo system of the refund. A credit note is issued to the buyer against the original invoice.

Will VAT be refund to me in the case of returns?

Yes, assuming a number of conditions are met, such as the original sale was provided to Taxamo, Taxamo was the deemed seller, the funds were received by Taxamo for the VAT on the sale and the refund has been notified to Taxamo. You are also required to retain proof of the refund to the buyer and evidence of this may be requested by Taxamo.

How long does it take before I will receive the VAT refund?

Assuming that the original sale was processed and the funds were received for the VAT, the refund will be processed on a monthly basis. Taxamo may request supporting records/proof of the refund to the buyer.

How do you handle returns?

Product returns are handled by the seller. Taxamo is not involved in the returns process.

Is it necessary to attach any document to the goods for customs purposes?

It is recommended that, in addition to other supporting documents for customs clearance (e.g. customs declarations), you also attach to the goods our invoice issued to the final customer. This way, the intrinsic value of the goods will be shown to the customs authorities. However, despite this, the customs authorities may still investigate whether the declared value of the goods is valid or not. The intrinsic value of the goods is relevant to determine whether they can be declared under the IOSS scheme (i.e. for goods up to 150 EUR).