Address Object Fields

Read about what fields you can use and what fields the API returns based on your requests.

You use the same type of fields to represent the addresses of the following:

  • Billing: The address where billing is sent.
  • Ship-To: The address the goods are shipped to.
  • Payment: The address of the person or entity who made the payment.

The following table lists the fields commonly used by these objects:

country_subdivision_codeThe ISO code of the principal subdivision. For example, for a region or province or state
postal_codePost code.
county_code2 letter ISO country code.
street_nameThe street name. You can concatenate multiple lines with a comma (,).
address_detailFurther address details like apartment number.
freeform_addressSpecify a free text address.

You can use this when a structured address is not available.
building_numberThe number of the building.