Configuring Invoices

The service issues invoices in your business’s name for all taxed sales . This mechanism can be triggered under various conditions.



Invoices are only sent for purchases where Taxamo assumes the liability.

To configure the settings for invoices, click the Settings icon and then Customize invoices.


Customize Invoices



It can take some time for logo updates to be propagated throughout the system.

The following options are available there:

  • Reply To
    You can enter the email address that is displayed in the Reply To field in the sent invoice. If you do not enter anything, the address that you specified during registration is used.

Reply To

  • Custom Footer Text
    You can specify a custom text that is displayed at the bottom of invoices and credit notes.

Custom Footer Text

  • Upload Logo
    You can load an image that you want to use as a logo.
    To do so, click Choose File and choose the file you want to use. Click Upload logo image.
    The uploaded logo is displayed in the Current logo section.
    The associated URL is also displayed.

Upload Logo

  • Set Logo URL for Externally Hosted Logo
    If you are hosting your logo on an existing URL, you can specify this.
    Enter the URL in the Logo URL field and click Set logo URL.

Set Logo URL

The hosted logo is displayed in the Current logo section. For example:


Current Logo

  • Remove a Logo
    To remove a logo, click Remove logo.