Adding your eCommerce/Order IDs to Transactions

Read about how you can add the ID from your order or ecommerce software to your requests to help correlate transactions in the service and in your systems.

To add this ID, add the custom_id field to your requests. This ID is returned by the API in subsequent responses.

The following example shows the field in a transaction object in a request:

"transaction": {
    "currency_code": "EUR",
    "custom_id": "Order_123456",
    "buyer_name": "Kate Smith",
    "ship_to_address": {
      "street_name": "1 Main Street",
      "address_detail": "City West",
      "city": "Dublin",
      "postal_code": "PT1 2345",
      "country_code": "IE"
    "transaction_lines": [
        "product_class": "P",
        "quantity": 1,
        "description": "Coat",
        "amount": "62.99",
        "ship_from_address": {
          "country_code": "DE"
        "product_cn_code": "0810000000"

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