Response-Only and Inactive Fields

Read about fields that are only sent in responses from the API, or are inactive for a specific request.



If you have used these fields in existing requests, you need to remove them or they may cause a validation error.

Response-Only Fields

Some fields are only available in the responses sent by the API. The values for these fields are generated by the API and you cannot use these fields in requests to the API.

These are outlined in the following table:

seller_codeInternal identifier for sellers.
line_keyTransaction line identifier.
update_timestampTimestamp for updates.
tax_timestampTimestamp for tax calculation.
tax_liability_owner_codeTax liability owner identifier.
tax_exemptIndicates whether transaction line is liable for tax.
tax_amountThe amount of tax amount for the line. This is calculated by Taxamo.
reverse_chargeIndicator for reverse charges.
correlated_fee_keyIndicator for correlated fee.
invoice_statusThe status of an invoice.
tax_address_kindIdentifier for the type of address.
tax_country_codeIdentification code for the tax country.

Inactive Fields for Calculate Tax Request

The fields listed in the following table cannot be used with the Calculate Tax request:

invoice_timestampTimestamp for invoices.
external_unique_idIdentifier for external purposes.