Deployment Options

Read this topic and the examples to understand how you can deploy and integrate the service.

You can deploy the service in one of the following ways:

  • Direct API-based Integrations: If you want to integrate the product with your webstore directly, you can use the API to directly integrate your store and the service. For more information, see Configuration Overview.
  • Plug-in-based Integrations: Alternatively, you can use the plug-ins provided to integrate the service. These plug-ins enable easy integration on popular e-commerce platforms like Adobe Commerce. For more information, see Plug-Ins and Add-Ons.

This is summarized in the following graphic:


Deployment Options Overview

Direct API Integration

The API is designed to integrate with your checkout processes. You use the API's resources to retrieve information from transactions and return information like tax rates and so on.

This is an example of how the service can be integrated with your checkout processes after the configuration is complete. It follows the merchant's user or buyer as they navigate the webstore, view a price, purchase a good and ask for a refund. Taxamo Assure by Vertex will issue invoices and credit notes as required:


API Overview

For more information about how to configure the API, see Configuration Overview.

You can see examples for individual requests in the Quick Start Guide. For more information, see Quick Start Guide Overview.

Plug-in Integrations

For more information, see Plug-Ins and Add-Ons.