Do I need to enter payment details in the Sandbox environment?

The sandbox is absolutely free to use, but it does require that you select one of the test payment cards that are already populated in your account. The purpose of this is simply to mirror the behavior of the production site.
The sandbox environment will not accept real credit card numbers.

How much will this cost?

There is a £2 fee exclusive of VAT per parcel which is charged after the end of each month.
For each sale where Taxamo is the deemed seller, the VAT charged to the buyer will need to be passed to Taxamo.
Taxamo will deduct this VAT from your card for each transaction.

How do I know what to pay?

The VAT on each sale, when Taxamo is the deemed seller, will be calculated by Taxamo and returned to you in the API response. You can also see the VAT amount on the Taxamo online portal. The VAT will be charged to your card per transaction.
The Taxamo fee is a flat fee per parcel, and this will be calculated at the end of the month for all relevant sales and charged to your card.

How do I pay? How often do I pay?

We currently accept credit cards for payments. You will need to provide your credit card details on your production account. After you go live, each time you notify Taxamo of a transaction and Taxamo has the VAT liability, we will charge your credit card. The VAT owing is charged on a per transaction basis.
Regarding the Taxamo fee, this will be charged on a monthly basis to your card. We will aggregate the fees due for the parcels sent that month and apply the relevant charge.

What currency do you charge my card in?

If your sales are in GBP or EUR, we will charge you in GBP or EUR for the respective transactions. If you have sales in other currencies we will charge you card in EUR. Note: we accept transactions in DKK, SEK, BGN, HRK, RON, CZK, HUF and PLN (charged to your card in EUR).

Where do I add my credit card details?

You will need to add your credit card details on the Billing page in your Production account. For more information, see Configuring Billing Information.

What if I have more refunds than sales in any given period?

Sales and refunds are treated separately. You need to notify the Taxamo system of your sales and refunds separately. They are treated on a per transaction basis.
Note: only refunds related to sales that were notified to the Taxamo system are relevant for Taxamo. Refunds related to sales that were not provided to Taxamo, cannot be processed by our system.

What happens if you are unable to charge my card?

Once you setup an account in our production environment you will need to provide a card that we can charge for the VAT that you have collected from your customer. Also, we will charge our fees at month-end.
If at any point we are unable to charge your card you will be notified via email of the failure, and we will attempt to retry. If the payment fails after the retry you will not be able to use the service or Taxamo’s IOSS number until the issue has been resolved.

What payment cards do you support?

Visa and Mastercard credit cards and debit cards are supported. American Express is not supported at this time.

How long does it take to receive a VAT credit when a transaction is refunded?

It takes around 24 hours from when the credit note is created to when it settles.

Is the £2 transaction fee refundable?

When you issue a refund in Taxamo Assure we will issue a credit note to the customer, and issue a refund for the VAT amount to you.
Billing for the £2/transaction occurs at the end of the month. We count the number of transactions in which our service calculated tax and issued our IOSS number, which is what the £2 fee is for.
If you later refund to the customer, it does not disregard this transaction from being charged the £2 fee that was already incurred.