Refund Object Fields

Read about what fields you can use to model refunds.

If the sale is partially or fully refunded and it qualifies for a tax refund from the tax authority, relevant information needs to be sent back to the API.

refund_tax_amountRefund tax amount.
refund_total_amountThe total amount that is to be refunded for a full refund.
refund_note_urlRefund note URL.
refund_amountThe amount for a partial refund. Used if no value is specified in the refund_total_amount field.
refund_note_numberSequential refund note number.
refund_keyRefund identifier.
refund_note_subnumberSequential refund note subnumber.
line_keyResponse-only field. For more information, see Inactive and Response-Only Fields.
refund_timestampThe time that the refund is issued. The format is yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZZZ.

The default value is the merchant's timezone.

The value is used in the invoice and to apply currency conversions.
refund_unique_referenceRefund unique reference per line.
refund_feesList of fees calculated for this refund. See Refund Fees section below.
refund_amount_trimmedIndicates whether the refund amount has been trimmed or not. The value can be true or false.
refund_reasonFree text used to specify a reason for the refund.

Refund Fees

currency_code3-letter ISO currency code.
amountAmount in designated currency.
fx_rateForeign exchange rate used in calculation
fx_dateThe date that is used to generate the rate when the currency is converted for the refund.

This defaults to the transaction's order date.
fx_sourceThe institution that supplied the rate used for the currency conversion.
seller_codeThe seller code for which the fee applies.
typeChoose of the following types:
amount-fee: Use this if you want the fee to be calculated based on the amounts.
tax-fee: Use this value if you want to denote a tax amount that needs to be treated as a fee, (where the tax liability is the seller's).
ruleThe tax rule that was applied.

This decides what type of fee is applied in the type field.
free_keyA unique key that you can use to identify the transaction.
correlated_fee_keyThe key used to identify the keys of related fees.