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What are the requirements to use the Taxamo Assure service?

The service is suitable for those sending goods from outside the EU to consumers inside the EU. The service applies to consignments up to €150.

In order to use the Taxamo Assure service, you need to:

  • integrate the Taxamo solution into your checkout form

For the applicable transactions, use Taxamo to:

  • calculate VAT
  • determine who is liable for the VAT
  • issue VAT invoices/credit notes

You also need to provide your shipping solution with the Taxamo’s IOSS number for parcels where Taxamo has the VAT liability. Taxamo’s IOSS number should be kept confidential outside of this requirement. Do not share this number or use it for transactions where Taxamo is not liable for VAT. Misuse of IOSS numbers can trigger pursuits and penalties.

You will need to create a Taxamo account, sign up to the terms and provide payment details.

What is IOSS?

IOSS is the Import One Stop Shop. IOSS is a new special scheme for reporting distance sales of goods imported from outside the EU . From 1 July 2021, the current low value consignment VAT relief threshold of €22 will be abolished. This means that VAT will be due on all goods imported into the EU regardless of their value. The purpose of the IOSS is to facilitate the declaration and payment of import VAT on low value goods. Under this scheme a supplier can charge VAT at the point of sale to the customer and declare and pay this VAT via a monthly return under the IOSS.

To learn more about these IOSS rules click here -

Will Assure streamline the process of shipping orders to EU buyers?

Taxamo Assure will streamline the passage of parcels to buyers within the EU, along with streamlining the settlement of VAT collected from the purchase. Parcels that meet the requirements for IOSS will be be registered as such, and this will notify customs that no additional VAT or duties needs to be collected. Customs authorities can inspect parcels for other reasons so Taxamo Assure will not eliminate border checks completely, but it should significantly reduce them.

What tax authorities/regions are supported?

The EU countries are supported. These are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

These countries are supported for the importation of consignments up to €150.

What should I do for tax authorities/regions that you do not support?

Please contact your tax adviser and also let us know if you have requirements for additional countries.

Will I have to register or file, or does Taxamo take care of everything?

Taxamo will take care of the transactions where Taxamo has the tax liability. Please consult your tax adviser with respect to your tax position, you may have obligations to register and account for VAT in the UK or other countries and for direct sales that do not pass through the Taxamo platform.

How can Taxamo be liable for the VAT?

Taxamo is considered as an Electronic Interface, the deemed supplier solely for EU VAT purposes and under the new VAT on ecommerce EU legislation (according to article 14a of Directive 2006/112/EC), and as such the responsible party for VAT in connection with applicable sales.

What happens with transactions over €150

Taxamo cannot act as the deemed seller for transactions over €150. For these transactions the system will respond that the tax liability is not with Taxamo, and we will not calculate the tax in these cases.

Who is mentioned on the invoices?

Taxamo is mentioned as seller in the invoice to the buyer, however your logo will appear on the invoice. You can also configure a custom message to appear at the bottom of the invoice.
You can configure this in the dashboard in the Settings panel, Invoicing settings.

How do we account for EU sales over €150?

IOSS legislation does not cover consignments over €150, so those sales are not eligible for Taxamo Assure. Assure can only be used on transactions that are eligible for IOSS, so we will not calculate the tax when the total is over €150.

Further clarification and details regarding IOSS legislation can be found here:

How will the Customs Authorities know that VAT has been paid?

When we process the transaction will return our IOSS number in the response if the transaction is eligible. You then will electronically provide our IOSS number to the parcel carrier.
Please contact your parcel carrier and verify with them how they need to get the IOSS number from you.
​The parcel carrier will register that parcel as one that was processed through IOSS, which the customs authorities will be able to track.
Taxamo's real IOSS is only in production but there is a test IOSS number returned in sandbox transactions for transactions that are eligible for IOSS

Do you provide the ability to manually upload transactions?

No, this is not possible for Taxamo Assure Physical as the system does more than just calculate the tax and provide our IOSS number. With Taxamo Assure transactions, Taxamo becomes the Deemed Seller, and we take on the tax liability, we issue the invoice to the customer, we collect the VAT, and we settle the VAT with the tax authorities. In order for us to be considered the deemed seller we must be integrated into the checkout process with the customer.

What are the minimum password requirements?

For security reasons a password has to meet below criteria:

  • is at least 8 characters long
  • has at least one uppercase letter
  • has at least one lowercase letter
  • has at least one digit
  • has at least one alphanumeric character (EG % & ! )

Useful links

Sandbox (test account)
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Password reset:

Live (production account)
Sign up:
Account access:
Password reset:

If you can't find the answer that you are looking for, please contact our support team here.

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