Transaction Lines Object Fields

Read an overview of all the fields that you can use with the Transaction Lines object.

You use the Transaction Line object to specify details for a transaction line.

carrier_idThe identifier of the carrier.
Import address -> country_codeThe country code that represents the country where the goods are imported from.
seller_kindThe type of seller. It can be B for Business (the default value) or C for Consumer.
product_cn_codeA Combined Nomenclature (CN) code that is used in the European Union (EU). For example 8504 or 8504 31 80 15.
product_reference_numberTax reference number. Used in the United States of America.
consignment_idConsignment identifier. You use consignments to group sales.
parcel_referenceIdentifier reference for the parcel.
invoice_statusSpecifies whether the invoice is required, optional or not allowed. There are 3 possible values:

'R' for required
'O' for optional
* 'F' for forbidden
unit_priceThe price of a unit.
unit_of_measureThe unit of measure used.
invoice_capableIdentifies whether can invoice can be created or not. If yes, the value is true. If not, it is false.

This field is dependent on the invoice-status field and some optional settings.
quantityQuantity. Defaults to 1.
custom_fields -> keyKey value for a custom field.
custom_fields -> valueValue of a custom field.
line_keyResponse-only field. See Inactive and Response-Only Fields
RefundsSee Refund Object Fields.
invoice_numberThe invoice number.
product_classIdentifies whether the goods are physical goods or services. The values are:

'P' for physical goods
'S' for shipping charges
amountSupplementary amount field.

This is only required if either the total amount or both the unit price and quantity are not specified.
custom_idField where you can add a value to help identify the transaction line in your ecommerce system.
tax_amountThe amount of tax amount for the line. This is calculated by the service.
tax_exemptResponse-only field. See Inactive and Response-Only Fields.
invoice_placeThe location that issued the invoice.
total_amountSupplementary total amount. This is only required if either the amount field or both unit price and quantity fields are not provided.
ship_from_addressSee Address Object Fields.
descriptionDescription for the line.
tax_liability_owner_codeThis code can reference a seller, a marketplace or a buyer.
reverse_chargeResponse-only field. See Inactive and Response-Only Fields.
tax_country_codeThe two-letter ISO country code. For example, FR for France.