Configuring Buyers' Details

You can add the buyer's details at the transaction or transaction line-item level. The following table summarizes the available fields:

buyer_nameBuyer's first name and last name.
buyer_emailBuyer's email address. An email of the VAT invoice will be sent to the buyer for transactions where Taxamo is liable for the VAT.

For example:

"transaction": {

    "currency_code": "EUR",
    "buyer_name": "Kate Smith",
    "buyer_email":"[email protected]"
    "ship_to_address": {
      "street_name": "1 Main Street",
      "address_detail": "City West",
      "city": "Dublin",
      "postal_code": "PT1 2345",
      "country_code": "IE"

    "transaction_lines": [
        "product_class": "P",
        "quantity": 1,
        "description": "Coat",
        "amount": "62.99",
        "custom_id": "51315A00-DC44-408E-A575-8CE42A32AE1B",
        "ship_from_address": {
          "country_code": "CN"
        "product_cn_code": "0810000000"