JSON Objects Overview

Read about how information is structured in JSON objects that are attached to the requests that you send to the API and are in the responses sent by the API.

The API is designed to allow you to include information where needed to suit your implementation. For example, you might choose the send the buyer's details in a Calculate Tax request or you may decide to send it in a Confirm Transaction request.

To facilitate this, the same structure is used for the JSON that is attached to all requests. Fields like currency_code are used to represent information like the currency. For a full list of the available fields, see Fields Reference Overview.

Some fields are generated by the API so these are known as response-only fields. For more information, see Response-Only and Inactive Fields.

You can include information at transaction and transaction line-item level. For more information, see Configuring Transaction Details.

You can add information for the following concepts and entities as fields in the JSON: