Read about how invoicing works.

The service's invoicing solution provides you with the ability to send compliant invoices to your customers for confirmed (completed) transactions, as well as issuing compliant credit notes for refunds.

This feature helps you to comply with the following international and country-specific regulations:

  • Sequential numbering.
  • Displaying amounts in the local currency.

Taxamo issues invoices in your business’s name for all taxed sales . This mechanism can be triggered under various conditions.



Invoices are only sent for purchases where Taxamo assumes the liability.

Invoices can be made available by the following methods:

  • URL: Taxamo provides you with a URL for each invoice so you can integrate it with your solution. This URL is returned by the API so you can integrate it with your UI or add it to an email.
  • Email: You can configure custom email settings in the dashboard. You can choose the sender's email address that is shown to your customers, add your logo and custom footer text to ensure that Taxamo is integrated into your customers' sales experiences.

To configure the settings for invoices, click the Settings icon and then Customize invoices.

For more information about how to configure the settings for invoices, see Configuring Invoices.