Quick Start Guide Overview

Read about how to download and use the sample Postman scripts to help you get familiar with the API and how the transaction flow works.



To use this guide and the associated file, you need to have a user for the environment (usually the Sandbox environment) and have retrieved the access token so you can enter it when you install the sample files.

Taxamo provides a preconfigured set of collection files for the Postman tool. You can use it to model a sample scenario in your environment. This will help you understand how the API works.

After you complete these steps, you will have modelled a simple transaction lifecycle in your environment. You can also use the data that you create to test features like the reports.

In the sample scenario, the seller is selling goods from the UK to France, valued under €150. The sample files include sample data in the JSON objects attached to the sample requests. This is designed to help you understand the following:

  • How to send requests to the API.
  • How to attach information to the bodies of these requests.
  • How the API returns information in the same format.
  • What fields you need to understand such as the product code field.

The sample files here match the model of the transaction lifecycle used by Taxamo. For more information, see Transaction Lifecycle Model.

For more information about how to install the sample files, see Installing the Quick Start Files.

For a guided walkthrough of the activity, see:

To run the collection directly in Postman, use the following button:
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