Configuring Product Codes

Read about how to add product codes to requests.

The service uses the value that you specify in the product_cn_code field to generate the tax rate. If you do not specify a value here, the standard tax rate is applied.

The codes are based on HS and CN codes. If you do not know these codes, you can use the Product Classification tool to do so. For more information, see Product Classification.

The product code can be up to 16 characters long. It must start and end with a digit. You can include spaces and periods between these digits. If the code specified does not match this format, it will be rejected.

If the product code is not supported, the default, standard tax rate is applied.

Here is an example of how to use the product_cn_code field in a request:

"transaction": {
    "currency_code": "EUR",
    "buyer_name": "Eric Papin",
    "ship_to_address": {
      "address_detail": "Chateuax 12",
      "building_number": "55",
      "street_name": "Rue du Saint-Germain",
      "city": "Paris",
      "postal_code": "75008 ",
      "country_code": "FR"
    "transaction_lines": [
        "product_class": "P",
        "quantity": 1,
        "description": "Smoked herrings",
        "amount": "49.95",
        "custom_id": "51315A00-DC44-408E-A575-8CE42A32AE1B",
            "country_code": "FR"
        "ship_from_address": {
            "building_number": "12",
            "street_name": "Wessex End Street",
            "city": "London",
          "postal_code": "SW1A 2AA",
          "country_code": "GB"
        "product_cn_code": "0305420000"

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